Street Art

In July 2020 I was asked the question 'would you like to paint a wall?' 

The question was put to me by Ben at Landmark street Art. Ben and I have worked together on various projects, and being a street art fan myself, he knew it was an ambition of mine to see if my work could transfer to the street.

Ben has made strong links with a truly worldwide selection of some of the best in the business. He is also responsible for the first real public street art in Carlisle, so obviously I said yes before I knew where the wall was, or how big!

See more about Landmark Street Art and their amazing line up of artists by clicking the following link: Landmark Street Art.

Landmark where approached by a fantastic new bar called Artwork to find an artist to paint a wall next to them. The wall is beautifully framed by an archway.

The idea behind commissioning me was to show a different side to Street Art. It isn't often you turn a corner and find a more traditional landscape painting, in this case I chose Aira Force. I think people love finding art in unusual and unexpected places, and the local response has been great. See more of the media coverage at the links below.

Who knows, there may be more to follow.......